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Indian kukai -- the 26th edition

theme -- fireplace

6th place : 13 POINTS

old fireplace –
so many shades of red
in the evening sky

Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)


folding sighs into
her kimono

Florin Florian
botosani, Romania



grandma is watching
a cat's sleep

Vasile Moldovan,(Don Basilio)


abandoned house –
just the sun
warms up the fireplace

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara
Galaţi Roumanie


fireplace -
drinking wine

Mihail Buraga



lighting the fireplace
your halo
regains strength

Cristina Apetrei
Botoșani, Romania



near the fireplace - are thawing the relationships with my mother-in-law

Dan Iulian, Bucharest-Romania



insomnia - rising shadows at the mouth of the stove

Florin Golban, Bucuresti, Romania



Snowbeds over the village- cracking in the old fireplace some dry woods

Alexandru-Emil MĂRIN, Bucharest, ROMÂNIA.



lovely migrant girls and american task force - on the fireplace

Postelnicu, Bucharest, Romania


marți, 4 decembrie 2018

Johnny Baranski Memorial Haiku Contest

Honorable Mention

morning frost
how brightly shines
the barbed wire

 Florin C. Florian
Botoșani, Romania


Winter finds the prison yard, yet an inmate discovers unintended beauty that even the prison walls can’t keep out. A sense of hope in a dark time. I enjoyed the nod to Johnny Baranski, who wrote so many prison poems.

L-am scris direct în engleză având pe retină o imagine tulburătoare dintr-o carte despre Auschwitz. Încerc, aici, o adaptare în limba română:

gerul dimineții // ce intens strălucește // sârma ghimpată





   Ishikawa Special

   1.photo haiku


   golden leaves
   the wind takes its part
   of the treasure// Eduard Țară

   autumn's gold
   the beggar's bowl
   full of leaves // Cristina Apetrei

   insomnia -
   on the lake mirror
   a leaf's tremble// Steliana Cristiana Voicu

   gold wedding
   the wind scatters pollen
   over their heads// cezar ciobika /

luni, 3 decembrie 2018

duminică, 2 decembrie 2018

Din Asahi Haikuist Network / David McMurray

Tomorrow, Steliana Voicu and her family will celebrate the centenary of the Great Union Day--the unification of Transylvania, Bessarabia and Bukovina with the Romanian Kingdom on Dec. 1, 1918. They look forward to a military parade and fireworks while eating beans with sausages, meat rolls and cakes.

National Day--
mom teaches me
meat roll recipe


The Haiku Foundation - Per Diem Archive

Collection of modern day haiku featuring amphibians and reptiles. 
water on the moon -
frogs spreading 
the news
Lavana Kray

GONG, Revue francophone de haiku, Nr. 56

bois tendre -
tailler une paire d'yeux
au poisson