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Results of the EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #18 - Summer 2017 edition (topic: landscape)

graveyard on the hill –
same view
for everyone

#050 Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă, Galati, Romania

(5-4-5) = 28 pts
a china doll
closes its eyes

#197 Cristina Apetrei, Botoşani, Romania
(4-3-2) = 20 pts

tree house  -
a colony of snails
lit by the laptop

#080 Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania
(3-2-2) = 15 pts

the colour
of his eyes

#053 Ana Drobot, Bucharest, Romania
(1-4-3) = 14 pts

just a little bit
of the ancestors’ dreams ...
lavender field

196 Cezar- Florin Ciobîcă, Botoşani, Romania
(1-4-1) = 12 pts

wild poppies
in the wheat field -
drops of sun

#136 Florin Golban, Bucharest, Romania
(2-2-1) = 11 pts

ate summer storm -
just the arc of a rainbow
keeps the sky above

#077 Dan Iulian, Bucharest, Romania
(1-1-2) = 7 pts

return seascape-
within the swirled waters
the serene sky

#143 Adina Enachescu, Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Romania
(2-0-0) = 6 pts

in  the open
the painter's brush stops
for a moment

#138 Vasile Moldovan, Bucharest, Romania
(1-1-0) = 5 pts

end of solstice –
among hayrolls
resting sun

#075 Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiesti, Romania
(1-0-1) = 4 pts

easel in the park -
snail under brush
stiff being

#065 Miclăuş Silvestru, Roma, Italy / Romania
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

the nightingale's song  -
garden dwarves  raised the eyelid
I 'm stunned....

#018 Mariana Tanase, Braila, Romania

graveyard landscape -
painted by wild chicory
with blue from the sky

#061 Nicu Stopel, Bucharest, Romania


Day To Day Haiku 

Samstag, 24. Juni 2017

am Fluss entlang
mein Schatten 
bleibt mir treu

(along the river / my shadow / remains true to me)

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă


haiku foundation blog

Haiku in the workplace -
a job well done

letting my wife know 
she’s the boss
     — Cezar Ciobika


marți, 27 iunie 2017

A The 154th. WHA Haiga Contest (06/2017)



Week4 - JUNE 2017

runners -up

A love that is already long gone. The author’s use of the words 
‘secret’ and ‘deep water’ further enforce that this is a relationship 
beyond repair, creating an emotional work that leaves a mark 
on the audience. Kazuko Nishimura

miercuri, 21 iunie 2017

The Haiku Foundation Blog

Haiku in the Workplace

Working Late



working late
my boss keeps me
in the dark
     — Cezar Ciobika


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Din Haikuniverse

haiku by Vasile Moldovan

a dew droplet-
it rises in the sky
in no moment
   traducerea autorului:

 Un strop de rouă- 
 el se înalță la cer
 într-o clipită


duminică, 18 iunie 2017


Pohvaljen haiku

Dan Iulian, Romunija

I don't need nothing
today visited me
the first swallow

Nič ne rabim
danes obiskala me
prva lastovka

Adina Enachescu, Romunija

My native village –
over the centuries forest
the new moon itself

Rojstna vas –
nad stoletnim gozdom
mlada luna


by David McMurray

June 16, 2017 at 09:00 JST

deflated ball--in the schoolyard the sound of rain

--Capota Daniela Lacramioara 
(Galati, Romania)

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Mainichi, 17 iunie 2017

a few steps ahead
a pigeon

Ana Drobot

Selectat de Isamu Hashimoto


Haiku: June 17, 2017

a few steps ahead
a pigeon
Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

Haiku: June 17, 2017

a few steps ahead
a pigeon
Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

Haiku: June 17, 2017

a few steps ahead
a pigeon
Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

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The 20th edition of the Indian Kukai

75 participants took part in 20th Indian Kukai, and they came
from  24 different countries. 
The theme of this edition was BLUE.


blue sky - some things are never on the map

-Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania
(6,4,3)=23 points


blue lake - an empty boat links two moons

-Cristina Apetrei
Botosani,Romania(2,4,2)= 16 points


exhausted mother -
all the blue baby clothes of no use

-Miruna Covor
Bucharest, Romania
(0,2,1)= 7 points


almost sunset bluebird singing on a land mine

-Cezar Florescu
 Botosani Romania
(2,0,1)= 5 points


gloomy sky though in a distance a blue dove

-Vasile Moldovan, Romania
(1,0,1)= 4 points

walking on the clouds - my child explores the sky of each rain puddle

-Dan Iulian, 
(1,0,1)=4 points


Blue Whale Game -
challenger of North korean apocalypse
-Nicu Stopel,
Bucharest, Romania
(0,1,0)=2 points


Pitiless time- the statues on the golden sands listen to the sea

-Adina Enachescu


(0,1,0)=2 points
deep blue - between sky & sea summer trip

-Mihail Buraga,
(1,0,0)=1 point

Haiku in the Workplace

The Office Retreat

company retreat
I rediscover my passion
for the boss’s wife
Ciobika Cezar 


Rezultati prvog internacionalnog haiku festivala “Priroda u oku”

The results of the first international 
haiku festival "Nature in the eye" - Muntenegru
MERIT AWARDS / PRAISE (in no particular order)

Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania
Eduard Tara- Iasi, Romania
Dr. Ion Cuzuioc, Chisinau, Republic of Moldova
Iulian Ciupitu, Bucharest, Romania
Capota Daniela Lăcrămioara-Galaţi, Romania
Steliana Cristina Voicu, Prahova, Romania
Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă - Botosani, Romania


joi, 8 iunie 2017

The Betty Drevniok Award 2017 results

Honourable Mention

Steliana Cristina Voicu

cyclamen in bloom -
in the oncologist's office
still pretty in pink

Iulian Ciupitu

douane -
in the eyes of a refugee
the borderless sky


miercuri, 7 iunie 2017

Haiku Masters -- June/ Week1



 Comments/ Kazuko Nishimura

 From the photo, we can imagine newlyweds enjoying their summer
 honeymoon. However, the line ‘without sugar’ adds a touch of reality
 to the work, representing that the future of the couple will also include 
 plenty of bitter experiences.


dried pond 
folding and unfolding
a paper frog
Cezar Florescu / Romania

moon eclipse
lilies of water
invading the pond
Cezar Florescu / Romania

fish smell -
carving a pair of eyes
on the wood spirit
Lavana Kray / Romania

broken bridge -
between my secret and yours,
deep water
Lavana Kray / Romania

frogs concert -
I cancel the sale
of my old house
Lavana Kray / Romania

my son asks 
about Golden Fish 
Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara / Romania


Easter mass - 
the little girl puts on
her red lacquered shoes

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu / Romania

duminică, 4 iunie 2017

Shot Glass Journal - Issue 22, May 2017

Am primit de la Lavana Kray

dust taste –
the dog digs my shadow
for a bone 

rocking chairs
facing out to the grave side...
mine squeaks louder 

solar explosions –
the scythe turns flowers
face down 


joi, 1 iunie 2017