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The 155th. WHA Haiga Contest (07/2017)

Judge and comments 
by Kuniharu Shimizu 


duminică, 23 iulie 2017


byDavid McMurray

July 21, 2017 at 07:00 JST

Cruise . ..
melting in the clouds
Ana Drobot 
/Bucharest, Romania/


sâmbătă, 22 iulie 2017

9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

9th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest


Division 2: Junior High School Students
Grand Prize

Cristina Apetrei    Botoșani, Romania   
(“Elena Rareș” School, 8th grade)

(English haiku):      
summer’s end          
a skipping stone stirring up    
memories with dad        

日本語訳 (Japanese translation):

Division 3: High School Students
Distinguished Work Prize

Nadin Ghileschi Botoșani, Romania
(“Mihai Eminescu” Lyceum, 9th grade)

受賞作品 (English haiku):

silent night
a fox’s footprints in snow
lead to Milky Way

日本語訳 (Japanese translation):


Division 4: Non‐Japanese

Distinguished Work Prize
Cezar‐Florin Ciobîcă (Romania)

受賞作品 (English haiku):    

ladybird emerging        
from inside a snail shell      
ceasefire agreement        
(飯島 武久 訳)

日本語訳 (Japanese translation):


B. Contest Selected Haiku Submissions Collection

Division 4: Non‐Japanese 第4部: 外国

aging in silence –
keeps him company
only a bonsai

scent of lime –
the little girl is scanning
a book with stories

Maria Tirenescu (Romania)

Weather forecast –
the next years will pass
like a summer rain

Mother’s eyes –
two well buckets dropping
from time to time

Emil Marin (Romania)

a dandelion –
so stunning little poem
the trembling of hand

the rose of sharon –
a thousand pieces flowing
among my mistakes

Andreea Maftei (Romania)
old pond –
disturbing the peace
a speck of dust

Ana Drobot (Romania)

faraway summer –
in the linden’s flowers
traditional tea

their ancestral costume –
grandma’s expertise
all the garden

Silvestru Miclaus (Romania)

spring days –
the pigeon pair fades
leaf by leaf

commercial road –
the crow rolls
a nut

Capotă  Daniela Lăcrămioara (Romania)

temple –
a straw sandal turns
into bird nest

lunch break –
a sparrow alights
on the scythe

Lavana Kray (Romania)

hungry pigeons –
magnolia’s petals

railway station –
the only baggage
a few freesias

Carmen Mariana Nanu (Romania)

storm clouds –
hanging out of the moon
a rainbow

hunting for kites
on the ridge of the wave –
a gull

Florin Golban (Romania)

old pond –
after the frog leap just
the stork bill clapping

winter twilight
looking for a shorter way
to the self

Iulian Ciupitu (Romania)

little black dress –
the moon full of

rising sun –
japanese sky
a garden of roses

Steliana Cristina Voicu (Romania)

More strong
than wine itself
your ungave kiss

This pitcher of clay…
tomorrow and I will have
long returned to dust

Adina Enachescu (Romania)

In the crown
of a cherry tree in bloom
two sparrow has a chat

Weather in change –
the hat of a dandelion
carried by the wind

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)

milky way –
free to choose
my own dream

departing geese –
all I’m left with
is silence

Eduard Tara (Romania)

Christmas without snow…
Santa Claus usually comes
with the sledge

on the secular crosses
the first snowfall

Constantin Stroe (Romania)

refugee camp
a pregnant woman weaving
a dream catcher

ladybird emerging
from inside a snail shell
ceasefire agreement

Cezar‐Florin Ciobîcă  (Romania)

Division 3: High School Students 第3部: 高校

silent night
a fox’s footprints in snow
lead to Milky Way

new therapy
the soothing song
of a blackbird

Nadin Ghileschi (9th grade)
(“Mihai Eminescu” Lyceum, Romania)

birds’ shadows cooling off
the cracked earth

gloomy day
the princess in the story
changes her mind

Cristina Ailoaei (12th grade)
(“Mihai Eminescu” Lyceum, Romania)

Division 2: Junior High School Students 第2部: 中学

old carousel
around the pony’s neck

granny’s garden
every flower bed
with its story

Gabi Apalaghiei (8th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

rainy day
on the hero’s gravestone
a withered rose

Sabina Ciobanu (8th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

summer’s end
a skipping stone stirring up
memories with dad

Cristina Apetrei (8th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

stork nest
chicks pecking
first stars

Ioana Brînzei (7th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

cherry blossoms
our silence
fades to pink

Delia Iftime (7th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

partial eclipse
ravens settling on
a sunflower field

Giorgiana Cucu (7th grade)
“Elena Rareș” School, Romania

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Haiku in the Workplace: 

Elevator Awkwardness


elevator ride
my boss’s wife ask me
to push the button
     — Cezar Ciobika

my eyes in yours —
nowhere else to go
but downstairs
     — Ana Drobot

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Mainichi---haiku in English

tea with cardamom--
    indian sky filling
    lantern after lantern
    Steliana Cristina Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)
    Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

    luni, 17 iulie 2017

    joi, 13 iulie 2017


    Haiku in the Workplace: Getting Fired
    by Jim Kacian

    I load again
    my staple gun

         — Cezar Ciobika


    marți, 11 iulie 2017


    July 2017, week #2

    haiku this photo

    all that is left
    of the party

    Ana Drobot / Romania

    old buddies 
    white beats black
    in five moves
    Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara / Romania


    duminică, 9 iulie 2017

    joi, 6 iulie 2017

    Haiku Foundation blog

    Haiku in the Workplace:

    The Broken Air Conditioner

    by Jim Kacian

    searing heat
    folding a fan from
    the test paper

    Cezar Ciobika


    luni, 3 iulie 2017

    6-th Setouch Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest

    dawn at St. John's Church -
    a child touching the answer
    to his first prayer

    Biserica Sfantul Ioan în zori -
    un copil atingând răspunsul
    primei lui rugăciuni

    Cristina Oprea Young

    sâmbătă, 1 iulie 2017


    by David McMurray

    June 30, 2017 at 08:00 JST

    Strawberry Moon--
    aroma of jam filling
    mother’s kitchen
    (Steliana Voicu)
    summer begins--
    I draw a large
    smile on the sun
    (Ana Drobot)

    miercuri, 28 iunie 2017

    Results of the EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #18 - Summer 2017 edition (topic: landscape)

    graveyard on the hill –
    same view
    for everyone

    #050 Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă, Galati, Romania

    (5-4-5) = 28 pts
    a china doll
    closes its eyes

    #197 Cristina Apetrei, Botoşani, Romania
    (4-3-2) = 20 pts

    tree house  -
    a colony of snails
    lit by the laptop

    #080 Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania
    (3-2-2) = 15 pts

    the colour
    of his eyes

    #053 Ana Drobot, Bucharest, Romania
    (1-4-3) = 14 pts

    just a little bit
    of the ancestors’ dreams ...
    lavender field

    196 Cezar- Florin Ciobîcă, Botoşani, Romania
    (1-4-1) = 12 pts

    wild poppies
    in the wheat field -
    drops of sun

    #136 Florin Golban, Bucharest, Romania
    (2-2-1) = 11 pts

    ate summer storm -
    just the arc of a rainbow
    keeps the sky above

    #077 Dan Iulian, Bucharest, Romania
    (1-1-2) = 7 pts

    return seascape-
    within the swirled waters
    the serene sky

    #143 Adina Enachescu, Râmnicu-Vâlcea, Romania
    (2-0-0) = 6 pts

    in  the open
    the painter's brush stops
    for a moment

    #138 Vasile Moldovan, Bucharest, Romania
    (1-1-0) = 5 pts

    end of solstice –
    among hayrolls
    resting sun

    #075 Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiesti, Romania
    (1-0-1) = 4 pts

    easel in the park -
    snail under brush
    stiff being

    #065 Miclăuş Silvestru, Roma, Italy / Romania
    (0-1-0) = 2 pts

    the nightingale's song  -
    garden dwarves  raised the eyelid
    I 'm stunned....

    #018 Mariana Tanase, Braila, Romania

    graveyard landscape -
    painted by wild chicory
    with blue from the sky

    #061 Nicu Stopel, Bucharest, Romania


    Day To Day Haiku 

    Samstag, 24. Juni 2017

    am Fluss entlang
    mein Schatten 
    bleibt mir treu

    (along the river / my shadow / remains true to me)

    Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă


    haiku foundation blog

    Haiku in the workplace -
    a job well done

    letting my wife know 
    she’s the boss
         — Cezar Ciobika

    marți, 27 iunie 2017

    A The 154th. WHA Haiga Contest (06/2017)



    Week4 - JUNE 2017

    runners -up

    A love that is already long gone. The author’s use of the words 
    ‘secret’ and ‘deep water’ further enforce that this is a relationship 
    beyond repair, creating an emotional work that leaves a mark 
    on the audience. Kazuko Nishimura

    miercuri, 21 iunie 2017

    The Haiku Foundation Blog

    Haiku in the Workplace

    Working Late



    working late
    my boss keeps me
    in the dark
         — Cezar Ciobika

    luni, 19 iunie 2017

    Din Haikuniverse

    haiku by Vasile Moldovan

    a dew droplet-
    it rises in the sky
    in no moment
       traducerea autorului:

     Un strop de rouă- 
     el se înalță la cer
     într-o clipită


    duminică, 18 iunie 2017


    Pohvaljen haiku

    Dan Iulian, Romunija

    I don't need nothing
    today visited me
    the first swallow

    Nič ne rabim
    danes obiskala me
    prva lastovka

    Adina Enachescu, Romunija

    My native village –
    over the centuries forest
    the new moon itself

    Rojstna vas –
    nad stoletnim gozdom
    mlada luna


    by David McMurray

    June 16, 2017 at 09:00 JST

    deflated ball--in the schoolyard the sound of rain

    --Capota Daniela Lacramioara 
    (Galati, Romania)

    sâmbătă, 17 iunie 2017

    Mainichi, 17 iunie 2017

    a few steps ahead
    a pigeon

    Ana Drobot

    Selectat de Isamu Hashimoto


    Haiku: June 17, 2017

    a few steps ahead
    a pigeon
    Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
    Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

    Haiku: June 17, 2017

    a few steps ahead
    a pigeon
    Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
    Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

    Haiku: June 17, 2017

    a few steps ahead
    a pigeon
    Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
    Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

    vineri, 9 iunie 2017

    The 20th edition of the Indian Kukai

    75 participants took part in 20th Indian Kukai, and they came
    from  24 different countries. 
    The theme of this edition was BLUE.


    blue sky - some things are never on the map

    -Ana Drobot
    Bucharest, Romania
    (6,4,3)=23 points


    blue lake - an empty boat links two moons

    -Cristina Apetrei
    Botosani,Romania(2,4,2)= 16 points


    exhausted mother -
    all the blue baby clothes of no use

    -Miruna Covor
    Bucharest, Romania
    (0,2,1)= 7 points


    almost sunset bluebird singing on a land mine

    -Cezar Florescu
     Botosani Romania
    (2,0,1)= 5 points


    gloomy sky though in a distance a blue dove

    -Vasile Moldovan, Romania
    (1,0,1)= 4 points

    walking on the clouds - my child explores the sky of each rain puddle

    -Dan Iulian, 
    (1,0,1)=4 points


    Blue Whale Game -
    challenger of North korean apocalypse
    -Nicu Stopel,
    Bucharest, Romania
    (0,1,0)=2 points


    Pitiless time- the statues on the golden sands listen to the sea

    -Adina Enachescu


    (0,1,0)=2 points
    deep blue - between sky & sea summer trip

    -Mihail Buraga,
    (1,0,0)=1 point