joi, 31 martie 2016

Rezultatele concursului organizat de HAIKOUEST

Palmarès Vivement (janvier 2016)

5 ème Prix

une femme à la porte –

les enfants d’orphelinat s’entassent

dans les fenêtres

Lavana Gray

Palmarès Cadeau (février 2016)

3ème Prix

fête des mères –

un orphelin regarde

le ciel plein d’étoiles 

Viloleta Cuturescu

sâmbătă, 26 martie 2016

luni, 21 martie 2016


5th Setouchi Matsuyama 

Photo Haiku Contest results

A sky of restlessness
the sun goes down
into a shell
--Steliana Cristina Voicu 
(Ploiesti, Romania)

Hiroshima Port
after a lifetime its water
at last clears anew
--Vasile Moldovan 
(Shopteriu, Romania)

duminică, 20 martie 2016


Sprouting seeds--
on my wet lawn
full moon

Ana Drobot

vineri, 18 martie 2016

Results of the EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #13 - Spring 2016 Edition

Topic: people

 Au fost 212 poeme în concurs din 43 de ţări.

#025 Lavana Kray, Iasi, Romania
(9-3-5) = 38 points

refugees convoy -
a newborn baby smiles
in his sleep

6th place – 28 points 
Father's Day -
a lizard warming
his gravestone
#211 Christian Dexter, Botosani, Romania
(5-5-3) = 28 pts

9th place – 21 points:
weary fisherman -
the oar slowly dispersing
the Milky Way

#115 Frățilă Genovel-Florentin, Rîmnicu Sărat, Romania
14 points (3):
sibling rivalry -
taller and thinner
my shadow

#005 Ana Drobot, Bucharest, Romania
(4-0-2) = 14 pts


 12 points

bursting buds
mom calls me by the name
of my lost brother

#166 Laura Csilla, Brasov, Romania
(2-2-2) = 12 pts
before surgery...
dad looking deeply at 
red plum blossoms
#209 Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, Botoşani, Romania
(2-1-4) = 12 pts

 11 points

In the absence of mum
the girl sings a lullaby
for her new doll

#122 Vasile Moldovan, Bucharest, Romania
(2-2-1) = 11 pts


 10 points

the rain has stopped…
in the delivery room
pink tulips

#154 Steliana Cristina Voicu, Ploiesti, Romania
(2-1-2) = 10 pts


I believed in Superman –
Father's Day

#062 Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara, Galati, Romania
(1-3-0) = 9 pts

A new lesson:
the grandson teaches his grandpa
to navigate online

#125 Constantin Stroe, Bucharest, Romania
(2-1-0) = 8 pts
mint flavor –
grandma’s memory
all over the garden

#163 Carmen Duvalma, Targoviste, Romania
(2-1-0) = 8 pts


kissing problems -
I don't know how how to take off
my T-shirt

#093 Mihail Buraga, Bucharest, Romania
(0-2-0) = 4 pts

subway tunnel –
disturbing crowd touching
the widow’s body

#133 Miruna Covor, Bucharest, Romania
(0-1-0) = 2 pts
awaiting for
the first child –
crocuses in bloom

#194 Maria Tirenescu, Cugir, Romania
(0-0-2) = 2 pts

no points this time

strong evening quake -
on sleepless night Big Brother
the wireless phone

#023 Nicu Stopel, Bucharest, Romania

no results – authors who didn’t vote:
At the bakery
heart-shaped loaves of bread -
Women’s day

#059 Virginia Popescu, Ploiesti, Romania


marți, 15 martie 2016


Haiku: March 15, 2016

At the nightfall
    the hunter's knapsack
    stuffed with tales
    Vasile Moldovan (Bucharest, Romania)

    sâmbătă, 12 martie 2016

    Mainichi - haiku in english

    Haiku: March 12, 2016

    the railroad tracks
      heading the same direction--
      overnight snow
      oana boazu (Galati, Romania)
      Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

      luni, 7 martie 2016

      The 2016 Golden Haiku Contest - results

      Golden Haiku

      Runners Up

      Flying petals —
      the black cat’s eyes
      blink drowsily
      — Virginia Popescu

      Old walls —
      a blooming lilac
      paints the sky
      — Virginia Popescu

      pruning the trees
      of public garden —
      crow eggs on asphalt
      — Lavana kray

      little girl
      pushing a baby stroller —
      plum petals over doll
      — Lavana kray

      flea street vendor —
      the straw hat turning
      into a bird nest
      — Lavana kray

      old cherry tree
      ready to be cut down
      blossoming overnight
      — Lavana kray

      sweeping forbidden!
      the girl hangs a banner
      in the cherry blooms
      — Lavana kray

      small spring garden —
      some love letters
      in the mud
      — Maria Tirenescu

      morning glory  —
      I wish I knew more
      about her dreams
      — cezar-florin ciobîcă

      the child blows
      away dandelions’ fluff…
      end of spring
      — Ana Drobot

      by moonlight
      the leafing reed plot
      hither and thither
      — Vasile Moldovan



      duminică, 6 martie 2016


      Haiku-ul zilei

      Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

      grown-up child -

      in the old garden
      no more snow

      (erwachsenes Kind - 
      im alten Garten / kein 
      Schnee mehr)

      Ana Drobot, Romania

      Results of The Indian Kukai # 15

      78 participants took part in 15th Indian Kukai, 
      and they came from 25 different countries. 

      The theme of this edition was ASH.

      Imagini pentru ashes


      fields of ash - raindrops explodes one by one 

      -Mihail Buraga
      [ Bucharest,Romania]

      ( 3,3,4 ) = 21 points


      ashes... the history lessons they know by heart

      - Ana Drobot
      [ Bucharest, Romania ]

      ( 5,0,0 ) = 5 points

      My mother's body only a handful of ash... nothing else

      Vasile Moldovan
      [ Bucharest, Romania ]

      ( 1, 0, 1 ) = 4 points

      old cowboy in love – wood ash stirred in water for stomach burning

      - Miruna Covor
      [ Bucharest, Romania ]

      ( 1,1,0 ) = 3 points
      spring wind – she scatters the ash from the last cig together

      - Dan Iulian
      [ Bucharest-Romania ]

      the Club of Rome - global warming think tank full of cigar ashes

      - Nicu Stopel
      [ Bucharest, Romania ]

      from now on the words as the ash – breaking up letter

      - Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara
      [ Galaţi ,Romania ]

      miercuri, 2 martie 2016

      A Hundred Gourds 5:2 March 2016

      spring snow –
      still more layers
      to the onion I peel
      Ana Drobot – Romania

      almond blossoms –
      from petal to petal
      silk moon
      Steliana Cristina Voicu – Romania 

      flash floods –
      all over the streets
      white swans
      Ana Drobot – Romania 

      a homeless man
      who was playing a flute
      on the street corner
      fell suddenly in the rain …
      a donor card in his pocket
      Lavana Kray - Romania 

      on the sky
      this rainy day –
      life in the bustling city
      keeps me down-to-earth

      Ana Drobot - Romania

      marți, 1 martie 2016

      din brass bell: a haku journal

      Haiku by and About Women

      Welcome to the March 2016 issue of brass bell: a haiku journal.

      This issue showcases small poems by and about women. March 8 is International Women's Day and we write in  celebration of women and girls.

      You will notice the way certain themes and references appear in more than one haiku, like threads connecting women to one another.

      Poems have been received from Brazil, Canada, Denmark, England, Poland, Romania, and The United States.

      cherry blossoms —
      a daughter tries on her mother's
      wedding dress
          - Ana Drobot

      orphanage room —
      children call me:
          - Lavana Kray

      mother sews a kite
      onto my little apron —
      blue sky
          - Maria Tirenescu

      lime trees in bloom —
      on watch at the window
      girl and moon
          - Virginia Popescu