miercuri, 29 iunie 2016



pruning the trees
of public garden –
crow eggs on asphalt

fasonări de crengi
în grădina publică -
ouă de ciori pe asfalt

(traducere Lavana Kray)


flea street vendor –
a straw hat turning
into a bird nest

talcioc -
o pălărie de pai devine
cuib de păsări

(traducere Lavana Kray)

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luni, 27 iunie 2016

The World Haiku Review

 WHR June 2016

Editor’s Choice

antique shop
browsing in search
for lost time

Cesar Ciobika

Yes, time! The age-old theme.  À la recherche du 
temps perdu …Valentin Louis Georges Eugène
Marcel Proust needed a vast number of pages
to write about it. Cesar needs only eight words
in three lines to do the same. One thinks of us
humans being caught by the Newtonian time. 
What I call the Indian Time might be the mother
time of all times. Clocks can lose time. We only
waste it. With tide it waits for no man. Time is
relentless. Time is indifferent. But time is also
a healer. Time can sometimes solve problems
for us, too. We can readily answer if someone
asks what time is it now, by looking at our watch 
or clock. However, we haven’t got a foggest idea
 if he asks what is time.

The definition of ‘antique’ is as vague as that
of ‘classic’. In Latin, it just means “ancient”.
We often use it when we think something is
very old. A rough guide in my art historian days 
in Britain, covering a wide-ranging areas
including antique, was “any objects more
than one hundred years old of monetary 
and aesthetic value”. So, I was writing about
anything from the treasures of Assyria or
ancient China to the Victorian monstrocity. 
Whatever it is, it is a concrete and specific 
physical thing which reminds us of the past.
Scientifically, it is partof the concept of the
Newtonian time, though its time never
gains or loses but just passes incessantly
and continually.

If there are no gains or losses in the
Newtonian time, ‘lost time’ is that
which you and I would feel as if we have lost. 
Therefore, it is a far more complicated time 
horizon, involving not only the physical
time but also emotional, personal, 
psychological and imaginary or imaginative

Why do we keep things? Apart from
necessities such as a bread knife or bedlinen, 
we keep them for their cultural or sentimental 
values, for possible monetary appreciation,
for status symbol, or simply for satisfying our
greedy andinsatiable possessiveness. 
Some people would increase their
possessions in order to ease their 
stresses and anxieties. Others would
keep some objects as a relic of 
the loved one they have lost either by death,
by becoming a missing person, or by lost love. 
Others, presumablylike Cesar, would 
wish to regain knowledge, understanding 
and appreciation of a particular bygone
period(s) of time, such as the Ukiyoe 
floating world of the Edo Japan, or the
Dickensian England.

Whatever lost time Cesar was searching
for, his conduct or thought behind it is 
symbolic of all of us humans and therefore
is universal  and ‘timeless’. This cannot
be anything other than a great haiku. 
Many congratulations!

A.Neo-classical Haiku

Haiku of Merit

father's day
a swarm of fireflies
lights the absence

Cesar Ciobika

temple stairs…
a butterfly rests
on a snail's shell

Cesar Ciobika

B.Shintai Haiku

Third Place
My shadow shrinking,
fearful of crushing
lilies of the valley

Ecaterina Neagoe

Honourable Mention

lavender field
time to change
my hair color

Cesar Ciobika

Again pas de deux -
among withered leaves
the flower of the wind

Ecaterina Neagoe

Zatsuei  (Haiku of Merit)

rape field
the tourists' breath
turning yellow

Cesar Ciobika

We listen to the rain -
in the gazebo with lattice
the smell of hay

Ecaterina Neagoe

C.Vanguard Haiku

First Place

antique shop
browsing in search
for lost time

Cesar Ciobika

Honourable Mention

jasmine bush
out of the blue the scent
of her body

 Cesar Ciobika

vineri, 24 iunie 2016

Concursuri pe Haikouest

 Palmarès Jardins (avril 2016)

Ier Prix – 12 points
jardins délabrés -
sur les vestiges d'un cupidon
deux pigeons roucoulent

Violetta Urda 

grădini dărăpănate -
pe rămăşiţele unui cupidon
doi porumbei gângurind

Palmarès Liberté (mai 2016)

Ier Prix – 10 points
la cour de prison -
en promenade
un papillon

 Dan Iulian

curtea închisorii –
la plimbare
un fluture

3 seconds prix – 9 pts
l'orée du champ -
un enfant migrant qui cherche
le chant des grillons

Lavana Gray

marginea câmpului -
un copil migrant care caută
sunetul greierilor

miercuri, 22 iunie 2016

Mainichi haiku

22 June

my mirror getting acquainted
another wrinkle

Daniela-Lacramioara  Capota

duminică, 19 iunie 2016

Haiku heute


fallender Pollen
in der Stille der Nacht
einziges Lied

falling pollen
in the silence of night
the only song

Cezar Florin Ciobîcă

Results of the EUROPEAN QUARTERLY KUKAI #14 - Summer 2016 Edition (topic: flowers)

Imagini pentru flowers tumblr

Roses and poppies were the most popular flowers in the EQK #14 and the authors have posted a haiku by more than 20 different ones. Topic of this edition was simple but wasn't easy, because strongly worn out. All the more we are pleased that you have given us sizable bouquet of new look on such a beautiful theme. Among the 218 authors from 48 countries (thank you for numerous participation) you have chosen: Maria Tomczak from Poland (first place), Đurđa Vukelić-Rozic from Croatia and Christof Blumenrath from Germany (two second places), Bill Kenney from USA and Magda Sobieszek from Poland (two third places). Congratulations.
We will meet at the autumn edition. Now we wish you a nice holiday.

14th edition – 218 authors from 48 countries:
Australia (7), Austria (2), Bangladesh (2), Belarus (1), Belgium (1), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1), Brazil (3), Bulgaria (15), Canada (4), Colombia (1), Croatia (11), Cyprus (1), Denmark (2), France (5), Germany (15), Ghana (8), Greece (1), Hungary (2), India (16), Indonesia (1), Ireland (1), Israel (3), Italy (8), Japan (1), Lithuania (7), Macedonia (1), Malaysia (1), Mongolia (2), Montenegro (2), Nederlands (1), Nigeria (3), Norway (2), Pakistan (1), Philippines (3), Poland (12), Romania (18), Russia (3), Serbia (4), Singapore (1), Slovenia (1), Swede (1), Switzerland (1), Taiwan (1), Trinidad and Tobago (1), Tunisia (1), United Kingdom (8), Ukraine 2), USA (24)

clear sky -
sunflowers and migrants
facing to west

#073 Lavana Kray
(5-5-2) = 27 pts

empty shore -
waves and red poppies
moving together

#194 Mihail Buraga
(3-2-3) = 16 pts

young girl with daisy
he loves me he loves me not -
one petal missing

#147 Miruna Covor
(3-1-1) = 12 pts

after wedding –
a homeless man
with the bride's bouquet

#092 Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara
(1-2-3) = 10 pts

anniversary –
an everlasting love
in a bouquet online

#204 Carmen Duvalma
(1-2-3) = 10 pts

pressed rose -
what is missing from
the family album

#041 Ana Drobot
(2-1-0) = 8 pts

reason for divorce -
chewed by neighbour's goat
bride's flowers

#063 Miclăuş Silvestru 
(2-0-2) = 8 pts

lo ikebana
just in the sky
first rainbow

#128 Vasile Moldovan
(2-0-1) = 7 pts

wedding bouquet –
the pond reflecting
jasmine moon

#114 Steliana Cristina Voicu
(0-1-1) = 3 pts

Piano sounds
among apple-tree flowers -
white vibrations

#196 Virginia Popescu
(1-0-0) = 3 pts

Firefighters’ Day -
in the hand of the child
a four-leaf clover

#125 Dan Iulian
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

in this frosty even
I protect a chrysanthemum
with my own breathing

#157 Adina Enachescu
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

trills of skylarks -
the poppies petals
in resonance

#206 Frățilă Genovel-Florentin
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

poppy petals
falling off at first wind...
cancer relapse

#212 Florin Ciobîcă
(0-1-0) = 2 pts

all arround the world
the most beautiful flowers
are our children

#145 Mariana Tănase
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

flickering stars
or alive candles?
orchids in bloom

#156 Constantin Stroe
(0-0-1) = 1 pt

soldiers like mountains
guarding children world's treasure -
edelweiss shooting buds

#094 Gheorghe Postelnicu

summer fly's dance,
water lily attractants,

#135 Marieta Maglas

only a flower
on an old apple tree’s branch –
the twilight wind

#149 Maria Tirenescu

vineri, 17 iunie 2016


June 17, 2016

Refugee tent -- a little girl running to the rainbow

--Lavana Kray (Iasi, Romania)

Colorful umbrellas
waltzing on zebra crossing--
my way meets your way
--Steliana Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)

Platinum wedding--
sharing more
than destiny
--Steliana Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)

joi, 16 iunie 2016

The 8th International Tanka Festival, June 2016, Karuizawa, Japan

Poemul tanka al Luminiţei Suse este:

sleepless night
I pull fireflies
out of my blue heart
a thousand so far
and still counting

noapte albă
număr licuricii 
din inima mea albastră
o mie până acum 
şi nu se mai termină

Poemul Lavanei Kray este următorul:

old manor...
dragging out
his few remaining days,
dad plants

conac vechi...
ducându-şi anevoie
zilele rămase
tata plantează

marți, 14 iunie 2016


În afara concursului The European Haiku Prize, European Haiku Society trimite membrilor și buletine oficiale online, numite - Akisame (秋雨, “autumn rain”). În acestea sînt publicate articole, recenzii, eseuri și poeme selectate din cele trimise de membrii și alți doritori. Aceștia primesc prin email buletinele informative.

În AKISAME ISSUE 41:1 din 12 iunie 2016 a fost selectat și poemul Lianei Vasilache:

starry night - 

for each window

a different tale

care-mi aduce aminte de al Uttei Siegried König:


sâmbătă, 11 iunie 2016

International Capoliveri Haiku Contest




Oana Aurora 
Daniela Lăcrămioara


miercuri, 8 iunie 2016

European Haiku Prize (EHP)

We apologize for the delay in publishing the results, but the 2016 edition of the prize has seen an extraordinary and unexpected participation of over 500 poets, 1,600 haiku and 79 Countries wordwide (way more than we ever expected in the beginning)!!
 3rd Prize (tied): Lavana Kray (Romania)
boatload of refugees...
the wind plays with a doll
on the shore

vas cu refugiaţi -
vântul se joacă pe mal
cu o păpuşă

Honorable Mention
spring rain–
a baby frog`s first
swimming lesson

vineri, 3 iunie 2016


June 3, 2016 

Photo/Illutration(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

Long wait for rain . ..
old diary turns
into paper boats

Lavana Kray 

At the end
of solemnity
rain of stars
Vasile Moldovan

Rain . ..
counting every second
of his pulse
Ana Drobot 

Chicken pox--
all the blooms
Ana Drobot 

Putting on a green raincoat . ..
the boy asks mom why
the angels cry
Steliana Voicu

joi, 2 iunie 2016

Premio Letterario Internazionale Matsuo Bashō

Secţiunea A - haiku în limba italiană

Premiul Special pentru Gendai Haiku

Secţiunea B - haiku într-o limbă străină

Distinguished poets ( IHA Anthology )

Secţiunea C - sub 18 ani

Menţiune de onoare

Secţiunea D - şcoli
Secţiunea E -senryu