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The 118th. WHA Haiga Contest (03/2014)

Kuniharu Shimizu
a selectat și trei autoare din România

Clelia Ifrim

Japanese poem?
No, just a secret message
from a letter

Lavana Kray

deserted hamlet-
morning glories on fences
beear seeds again

Steliana C.Voicu

window in the schedule-
how many cherry blossoms
can the sky hold ?

Caribbean Kigo Kukai

CKK #49 Results

cool-down session-
the crooked eagle and the moon
back to back
--Lavana Kray-Romania
Votes: 11**** Points: 03

snowman's carrot nose -
between the fresh snowdrops
is cooling down
--sTOPs Romania
Votes: ****** Points: 00

leaving the beach – 
the sand in my sandals
cools down
--Eduard TARA, Romania
Votes: 221*** Points: 09
Comments: Clear. I can feel the coolness between my toes.

cooling down
the quarrel between parents -
double rainbow
--Cezar C.
Votes: 5***** Points: 05
Comments: Last line suggests both harmony and beauty in cooling down.

joi, 27 martie 2014

Palmarès MASQUES (février 2014)

3è prix Maria Tirenescu

son masque est tombé –
elle couvre son visage
avec sa manche

masca i-a căzut –
ea îşi acoperă chipul
cu mâneca

marți, 25 martie 2014

ASAHI HAIKUIST SPECIAL/ 3rd Setouchi Matsuyama Photo Haiku Contest winner

696 haikuists 
33 countries

2 Haijini din România
printre laureați

Ciobîcă Cezar-Florin
(Botoșani, Romania)

Listening to the sea
the blind sailor fingers
a rusty anchor chain


ascultând marea
marinarul orb atinge-un lanț
ruginit de ancoră


Frațilă Genovel-Florentin 
(Buzău, Romania)

Sea urchins
feeling tingling in his palms
the old fisherman


arici de mare
simțind furnicături în palme
bătrânul pescar

Results - Indian Kukai #4, March 2014, Theme - Salt.

Printre participanți, 4 români:

Eduard Tara
Iași, Romania

the traces
of the salt caravan –
milky way

Lavana Kray
Iași, Romania.

dawn dew-
salty lilies of the valley
on my hospital pillow

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă
Botoșani, Romania.

longing for him...
the quilt still keeping
his salty sweat

Nicu Stopel
Dridu, Romania

back aliens' welcome -
bread and salt from 
Indian Ocean

miercuri, 19 martie 2014

Results of the European Quarterly Kukai

#5 - Spring 2014 Edition (colors)

Fratila Genovel-Florentin
(7-6-7) = 40 pts

springtime again - 
the blind man breathing deeply 
the green color
after black and white –
on rice paper
a cherry branch in bloom

#49 Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă
(1-5-2) = 15 pts
first buds-
my child abandons
the crayons

#152 Dan Iulian
(3-1-4) = 15 pts

playful wind -
following petals
a butterfly

#48 Mihail Buraga
(3-1-3) = 14 pts

those red tulips –
the color of the kisses
that never came

#60 Eduard Tara
(1-4-2) = 13 pts

white tulip field
around the single red one-
you in my life

#61 Lavana Kray
(3-1-2) = 13 pts

spring wind –
in the color of her heart
a shy kiss

#31 Steliana Cristina Voicu
(3-0-1) = 10 pts

snow melts off the eaves –
inside each drop of water
light shows its colors

#19 Liliana Negoi
(1-1-4) = 9 pts

winter games -
winners again the six
colors of flags

#6 Nicu Stoprl
(2-0-2) = 8 pts

spring in her eyes –
to change black ribbon on my suit
with another pink

#36 Adrian-Nicolae Popescu
(1-0-1)      = 4 pts

Bleeding liberty,
Flags, dying leaves in autumn,
Clouds cleaning the sky.

#143Marieta Maglas
(1-0-0)      = 3 pts

night of thaw—
the white wings fluttering
above the Black Sea                                

#77 Dan Doman
(0-1-0)      = 2 pts

flowers in the wind -
yellow painting fooling
the untimely bee

#121 Miruna Covor
(0-0-1)      = 1 pt

snow angels
still absorbing
their shed blood

#135 Maria I.

bunch of fresh snowdrops
on the mother’s grave –
the child recites one poem

#176 Maria Tirenescu

joi, 13 martie 2014


974 works by 192 authors

from 33 countries


Daniela Lăcrămioara Capotă
Second  Prize

the cold winter winds –

dad’s checking again

the stack of wood

vânturi reci de iarnă -
tata verifică din nou
stiva de lemne

hladni zimski vjetrovi –
otac ponovno provjerava
zalihe ogrjevnog drva

Dan Doman
Third Prize

winter storm's winds
alone on the shore
the captain cross

furtuni de iarnă—
singură pe țărm
crucea căpitanului

zimski olujni vjetrovi
sam na obali
kepetan se prekrižio

Dan Iulian
Third Prize

snowy hamlet–
no news just rumors
spread by the blizzard

cătun înzăpezit-
nicio veste doar zvonuri
duse de viscol

selo pod snijegom–
bez vijesti tek glasine
nošene mećavom

Maria Tirenescu
Third Prize

village's hill –
the north wind coloring
the children’s faces

dealul satului -
crivățul colorează
fețele copiilor

seoski brijeg–
sjeverni vjetar obojio
dječja lica

Cristina Ailoaei
Honorable Mention

cold winter wind –
beggar and dog sharing
the same coat

vânt rece de iarnă-
cerșetor și câine împart
același palton

hladan zimski vjetar–
prosjak i pas dijele
isti kaput


Dan Doman
Honorable Mention

in the northern wind the steam
and the homeless

gură de canal—
în vântul de nord aburii
și homelessul

na sjevercu para
I beskućnici


Cezar F.Ciobîcă
Third Prize

new snow… 
forever your eyes 
will be closed 

zăpadă nouă -
pe vecie ochii tăi
or rămâne-nchiși
novi snijeg… 
zauvijek tvoje oči 
bit će zatvorene


Eduard Țară
Second Prize

Her white breath rises
with each word of the prayer
and vanishes—
all these snowflakes from the sky
could be those waited echoes

Maria Tirenescu
Honorable Mention

from early morning
through high snow
a horse carrying bags

full of food

vineri, 7 martie 2014

miercuri, 5 martie 2014

Din Ploc!, Nr. 50

În numărul 50 al revistei sunt publicate poemele  poetei Steliana Cristina Voicu.

il pleut –
sous les cerisiers en fleur
un couple d'amoureux court

plouă –
sub cireşii în floare
o pereche de îndrăgostiţi aleargă

pétales sur le pave –
je ne peux plus écouter
la chanson du merle

petale pe pavaj –
nu mai pot asculta
cântecul mierlei

aquarelles chinoises –
sur les mains de l'enfant
parfum des glycines

acuarele chinezeşti –
pe mâinile copilului
parfum de glicine

sâmbătă, 1 martie 2014


February 2014 Results 

Kigo Theme: 

war news-
I wear
your shirts...

Lavana kray
(3,4,9) = 26 pts/First Place

that cry of cranes -
still waiting for
the echo

Eduard TARA
(1,4,6) = 17 pts

look up in the sky
a kite gives birth to a hawk –
childhood nostalgia

Daniela Bullas
(0,1,2) = 4 pts

frozen night -
a stray dog
longing for shelter

Virginia Popescu
(0,1,0) = 2 pts

in these frozen days
we long after fresh honey -
still cubic sugar

Cristina Oprea
(0,1,0) = 2 pts

longing for spring...
the old master painting only
flowering cherry trees

Cezar F. Ciobîcă
(0,0,1) = 1 pts

I dreaming
many blooming crocuses –
cloudless sky


the street vendor's tears
were more than enough,it seems:
early crocuses

Cristian Mocanu
Free Format Theme: 

Milky Way -
we plan our journey
from star to star

Eduard TARA
(0,2,9) = 13 pts

open window –
lying down in my bed
the moonlight

Virginia Popescu
(0,3,6) = 12 pts

hot days-
a golden ring
inside an ice cube

Lavana kray
(1,2,3) = 10 pts

cats in love and us
in the moonlight - raccoon dogs
under plum blossoms

Daniela Bullas
(0,1,1) = 3 pts

under the moonlight
the cats, too, stop to listen:
vinyl collection

Cristian Mocanu
(0,1,1) = 3 pts
romantic dinner -
two happy flies
ignoring us

Cristina Oprea
(0,1,0) = 2 pts

valentine's day -
on the widow's windowsill
two mating tits

Cezar-Florin Ciobica
(0,0,1) = 1 pts

Physics lab –
the professor talks
about snow


A Hundred Gourds

wetness in the air –
the moon sliding
from leaf to leaf

Lavana Kray - Romania

The Geminids –
a trembling curtain
of winter sakura

Steliana Cristina Voicu