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The 136th. WHA Haiga Contest (11/2015)





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The Shiki Monthly Kukai, November 2015 Kukai

Kigo Theme: BIRD

flying cranes -
the months I wait
for their return

Ana Drobot
(Bucharest, Romania)
(0,1,4) = 6 pts
cloudless dawn –
the blackbird waiting
at a tree's top

(0,1,1) = 3 pts

 picnic with family -
a crow is smashing nut
on the mother in-law's head

Petru-Ioan Garda

Free Format Theme: EVENING WINDOW

evening window -
grandpa swallows
the red pill

Petru-Ioan Garda
(1,2,4) = 11 pts
**Understanding this all too well...

evening window -
in her black eyes
a few sparkles

Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania
(0,1,2) = 4 pts
at window –
looking the colours
of the quince tree


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ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK - 20 noiembrie 2015

Lavana Kray is a realist. She shares her thoughts on loneliness from Iasi, Romania.
together -
ghostly realm in wich
each is alone

Mainichi - Haiku: Nov. 21, 2015

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Tanka Society of America - RIBBONS Fall 2015

my early photographs...
I wonder
how to desaturate
your absence

 Lavana Kray

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Revista GONG (Lyon, Franta) nr.49

Revista prezintă ultimul număr al revistei Albatros şi Antologia română de tanka realizată de dna Magdalena Dale.

Din Albatros citeaza urmatorul haiku:

nuages noirs-
la pianiste repete
"La sonate au clair de lune"

Maria Tirenescu

Iar din antologie următoarea tanka:

Les perce-neiges
fleurissent a nouveau
dans mon jardin-
mais je suis toujours seule
lisant pres du feu

Maria Tirenescu

În numărul special pe octombrie (Hors Serie N.12 Octobre), la rubrica  Selections de Jury  Teodora MOTET are publicate următoarele doup haiku-uri:

nuage dissipé-
les rayons de la lune
chauffent la tasse de thé

la forêt sans feilleus-
arbres encore verticaux
e l'ombre d'hommes

Va rog sa ne informati daca mai sunt publicati romani! Vom completa!

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La revue du haïku n ° 61 - Octobre 2015



Selected by Isamu Hashimoto
Haiku: Nov. 10, 2015
caprice for violin--
the nightingale puts
once more sharp
Dan Iulian (Bucharest, Romania)

Haiku: Oct. 30, 2015
flock of cranes
in a funnel shape cloud
Lavana Kray (Iasi, Romania)

Haiku: Oct. 15, 2015
gray morning
turning off
red casino lights
Razvan Pintea (Bucharest, Romania)

Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival -2015 Winning Haiku(I)

2015HI(2) copy

Deocamdată au fost postate doar

cherry blossoms—
grandma tells me about
her first date
                      Cucu Georgiana, age 12
                      Botosani, Romania
Especially appealing here is the cross-generational connection inspired by cherry blossoms. The grandchild may not have asked any questions, but the grandmother is happy to tell the story of her first date, no doubt brought to mind by the cherry blossoms. We can imagine that this first date happened in spring, or it could just be that the joy of spring brought to mind the joy of youthfulness and first love. Scent can trigger powerful memories too, and in this case it could be the scent or sight of cherry petals that brings the generations together. We can also infer that the grandchild is just as delighted to hear this story as the grandmother is to tell it. The poem splendidly embodies this year’s Haiku Invitational theme of “connections.”

Vor urma, cât de curând, şi
Sakura Awards & Honourable Mentions

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International "Kusamakura" haiku competition(20th Memorial Special Award)

Virginia Popescu
Premiul Special Tokubetsu shou
acordat cu prilejul celei de a XX-a aniversari a concursului 


lightening –
the saints come to life
in the stained-glass 

Ana Drobot Nyuusen
Premiul Trei Nyuusen
acordat cu prilejul celei de a XX-a aniversari a concursului

below zero -
in my sleep
white carnations

Florentina Loredana Dalian
Premiul trei Nyuusen 
acordat cu prilejul celei de a XX-a aniversari a concursului

Firewood cracking
over the fireplace
summer in a picture

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ASAHI HAIKUIST NETWORK/ David McMurray November 06, 2015

(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

Deep fog--
a ghostlike tree skeleton
strums my hair
--Lavana Kray (Iasi, Romania)
* * *
City lights
in the rain mirrors--
another autumn’s gone

--Steliana Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)

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brass bell: a haiku journal. This month's theme is morning.

This month's theme 

morning —
one dry leaf
gets off the bus
- Ana Drobot

refugees across the village
rooster on the fence
wakes us all
- Lavana Kray

marshmallow kisses
and sun in the little cup—
breakfast for two
- Petruta Ionescu

morning miracle
touch a flower
another one flourishes
- Victoria Fatu Nalatiu

trembling dawnlight —
a spider moves its web
nearer to the fireplace
- Virginia Popescu