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Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival -2015 Winning Haiku(I)

2015HI(2) copy

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cherry blossoms—
grandma tells me about
her first date
                      Cucu Georgiana, age 12
                      Botosani, Romania
Especially appealing here is the cross-generational connection inspired by cherry blossoms. The grandchild may not have asked any questions, but the grandmother is happy to tell the story of her first date, no doubt brought to mind by the cherry blossoms. We can imagine that this first date happened in spring, or it could just be that the joy of spring brought to mind the joy of youthfulness and first love. Scent can trigger powerful memories too, and in this case it could be the scent or sight of cherry petals that brings the generations together. We can also infer that the grandchild is just as delighted to hear this story as the grandmother is to tell it. The poem splendidly embodies this year’s Haiku Invitational theme of “connections.”

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