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April 29, 2016 at 09:06 JST

(Illustration by Mitsuaki Kojima)

A sand castle . ..
just like my kingdom
in the dream
--Adina Enachescu, Ramnicu-Valcea

Cat’s eyes
by makeup artist . ..
Ana Drobot, Bucharest

Dandelion fluff--
the taste of my
first ice-cream
Ana Drobot, Bucharest

The 141th. WHA Haiga Contest (04/2016)

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Haiku from Ohanami Haiku Recital, Sofia, 2016!


the love letter
I’ve never written…
cherry blossoms

любовното писмо
което никога не написах…
вишневи цветчета

Florin Florian, Romania

cherry blossoms –
a bee interested
in her tattoo

вишневи цветчета
пчела проявява интерес
към татуировката й

Eduard Tаra – Romania

Even party –
the last snowflakes dance together
with the cherry tree’s petals

вечерно парти –
снежинки танцуват
с вишневи цветчета

Vasile Moldovan, Romania

cherry trees in bloom –
my parents renew
their vows

вишните разцъфтяват
родителите ми подновяват
обещанията си

Dan Iulian, Romania

Cherry blossoms –
light in the orchard
and in my soul

Вишневи цветчета –
светлина в градината
и в моята душа

Constantin Stroe, Romania


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Mainichi Haiku in English

Haiku: April 22, 2016

before carnival
    trying on a lot
    of chemo wigs
    cezar-florin ciobica (Botosani, Romania)
    Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

    Haiku: April 15, 2016

    season change...
      instead of sea shells
      empty Coca Cola bottles
      Ana Drobot (Bucharest, Romania)
      Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

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      Second International Haiku Contest “Cherry Blossom” – Bulgaria April 2016

      Dear haiku friends,

      We have the pleasure to announce the awards from the The Second International Haiku Contest „Cherry Blossom”, organized by Bulgarian Haiku Union in Sofia, Bulgaria. Thank you for your participation in this contest, dedicated to the beauty of the Japanese sakura!


      Daniela Lăcrămioara -  Galaţi, Romaniа

      Earth Hour –
      cherry blossom

      Даниела Лакрамиоара – Галац, Румъния

      Часът на Земята
      вишневия цвят
      огрян от лунна светлина


      Daniela Lăcrămioara – Galaţi, Romaniа

      refugees convoy –
      beyond borders
      bloomed cherry

      Даниела Лакрамиоара – Галац, Румъния

      конвой с бежанци  –
      отвъд границите
      разцъфнала вишна

      Adina Enachescu - Râmnicu Vâlcea, Romania

      Not one at all
      welcomes me in the station
      only the cherry blossoms

      Адина Еначеску - Ръмнику Вълча, Румъния

      не ме посреща на гарата
      само вишневия цвят  

      miercuri, 20 aprilie 2016

      Annual Selection 2015 Haiku English in Mainichi

      Judge’s comments: Three essential ways to make a better haiku
      Selections and comments by Isamu Hashimoto

      1. Lavana Kray
      (Iasi, Romania)
      family tea party—
      mom asks
      who is everyone

      Comment: Sorrowful, but this is happening everywhere in this floating world.

      flock of cranes
      in a funnel shape cloud

      Comment: The second line comes from the eyes of a haijin.

      2. oana boazu
      (Galati, Romania)
      two wild hawthorns
      completely leafless

      polar vortex—
      spinning the whirligig
      near the fireplace

      dramatic makeup—
      over a ruined building
      the sunrise

      sea storm
      the fishery lantern
      barely blinks

      3. Ana Drobot
      (Bucharest, Romania)
      Victorian fireplace—
      her shadow and his
      running about the room

      Comment: I wish I had such a gorgeous Victorian fireplace. Now I am using a movable foot warmer.

      morning train—
      someone starts
      peeling an orange
      Comment: The author takes a train for work and regains some fresh power with the splash of the fruit.

      how fast the river goes
      into the mill

      his eyes
      look into mine—

      I dive
      into the swimming pool...

      Comment: The one word “silence” in the deep water is appropriate

      about to land
      crawling through the fields
      the plane’s shadow
      Comment: This is a good example of the shadow in a haiku making the object more clear and vivid.

      bright morning—
      the light bulb still on
      in my orange juice

      4. Cezar-Florin Ciobica
      (Botosani, Romania)
      ice fishing...
      the hole too small
      for the full moon

      the old hound
      groans in sleep

      Comment: The third line is an excellent haiku punch line.

      spring dreams
      mom remembers
      who I am

      Comment: Congratulations! Mom’s consciousness will be clearer, I hope.

      5. Stelianna Cristina Voicu
      (Prahova, Romania)
      the lighthouse alone
      supporting the sky

      Comment: An excellent mere description of the surroundings. “Supporting” is the best choice of word.

      6. Dan Iulian
      (Bucharest, Romania)
      long twilight—
      the cry of the last crane
      suspended in the air

      Comment: The first line is effective and irreplaceable, though we have lots of these “suspended cries.”

      Dana Iulian
      (Bucharest, Romania)
      caprice for violin—
      the nightingale puts
      once more sharp

      Comment: The author has a keen ear for music.
      Caprice: capriccio.

      7. Razvan Pintea
      (Bucharest, Romania)
      gray morning
      turning off
      red casino lights
      Comment: Win or lose, the morning sun will rise in the east.

      8. Vasile Moldovan
      (Bucharest, Romania)
      Above all
      the full moon

      Comment: Beautifully alone.

      marți, 19 aprilie 2016

      Chrysanthemum Nr. 19. April 2016

      Lavana Kray

      whistle stop -
      in the half clean window
      a poppy field

      kurzer Zwischenstopp-
      im nur halb sauberen Fenster
      ein Mohnfeld
      black sky
      leaning on the poplar fluffs-
      divorce papers

      ein schwarzer Himmel
      lehnt sich auf den Pappelflaum -
      island of chalk
      on asphalt -

      auf dem Asphalt -
      ein Selbstportrait

      Vasile Moldovan

      in front of the train
      vor dem Zug
      passing over the barrier

      über die Schranke hinweg
      a wedding of butterflies
      eine Schmetterlingshochzeit

      Steliana Voicu

      one hour till the concert  
      the sky a symphony
      of sakura notes

      eine Stunde bis zum Konzert  
      der Himmel eine Sinfonie
      aus Kirschblütennoten


      eternal blue
      between the mountains —
      at first light
      a deer sips
      the earth's sky
      ewiges Blau
      zwischen den Bergen —
      beim ersten Licht
      nippt ein Reh
      am Erdenhimme

      sâmbătă, 16 aprilie 2016

      Genjuan Haibun Contest 2016 Results

      An (Cottage) Prizes:

      Arm in Arm with Iza – Maria Tirenescu (Romania)

      Arm in arm with Iza

      It’s snowing big flakes. I’m sitting by the stove, reading in a poetry book. I startle when I hear on the radio the song: "How many flowers are there on Iza upstream /  I have planted them all with my beloved... "

                  I close my eyes. Iza is the river flowing behind my grandparents' house in Săcel, a village in Maramureş, in Northern Romania. I like how the name "Iza" sounds. It's a girl's name. Perhaps older peoples knew a legend on it, but I cannot recall that someone has ever told it to me. I know many things about Iza River… as if reading from a book: "Iza springs from Mount Bătrâna (Old Woman ), gathering tributaries from steep slopes. Downstream the river has dug a cave underneath Mount Măgura. She springs again out as Iza’s Blue Spring. "

      I was there many years ago. I picked flowers and strawberries in the clearing.

      Raining on Şetref –
      Iza’s waters reflect
      the blue sky

                  It is sunny in a glade named Preluca Izei. One can hear the birds chirping.

      Cuckoo on a beech –
      numerous waterfalls
      through the gorge

      My imaginations carries me downstream the Iza river. I arrive at the watermill. From there only few steps are left to my grandparents' house.

      Grandmother’s spinning –
      the house of thick beams
      is next to a walnut
                 Dozens of creeks flow into Iza, which crosses the village Săcel from east to west.

                  On the banks of Iza, the hemp is in retteries. Peasants have brought the hay in and gathered it into haystacks by their houses. Winter lasts here five months, and they will thus have enough food for their livestock. The woods are already turning rusty.

                  I can hear again the song on the radio. I leave the book of poems on the table. I open a photo album. From it my grandparents, my parents are smiling at me...

      marți, 12 aprilie 2016

      AKISAME #33

      Revista a Societatii Europene de Haiku

      în competiție -
      concertul din Ateneu
      și corul de greeri

      Adina Enachescu

      Mainichi - haiku in english

      the old hour glass...
        sand shadow running
        on the white wall
        Vasile Moldovan (Bucharest, Romania)
        Selected by Isamu Hashimoto

        luni, 11 aprilie 2016

        Les Ateliers D’EXpressions - LES ADEX, No 60 - avril 2016

        Lavana Kray trimite, de pe revista publicată pe hârtie:

        Illustrez ce poème:

        La campagne 
        c'est la cerise
        sur le gâteau
        des villes

        Eric Lechevalier 

        Écrivez un poème pour illustrer ce tableau

        convoi de réfugiés -
        les cries d'une femme donnant naissance
        à son enfant
        Revista se poate citi aici

        sâmbătă, 9 aprilie 2016

        Din Haiku Canada Review Vol 10 Nr 1

        Haïkus réunis par Claude Rodrigue

        l’avare —
        mon voisin garde le soleil
        dans son jardin

        Ana Drobot

        les fêtes sont passées —
        il neige sur des montagnes
        de nourriture

        Lavan Kray

        miercuri, 6 aprilie 2016

        La revue du haïku Ploc!, No. 64

        divorce -
         on a tout partagé sauf
         les ronflements du chien

        hamac de jardin -
         le pivert recasse l'écorce
          de mon rêve

        noce du papillon -
        son ange m' empêche
          de bouger

        Lavana KRAY (Roumanie)

        la balle antistress -
        au-dessus du gratte-ciel
          le soleil ne bouge pas

        Ana DROBOT (Roumanie)

        În revistă este publicat un articol despre poemul într-un vers cu exemplificări de poeme scrise de Ion Pillat. În continuare sunt poeme ale poeţilor români. Am făcut print screen revistei, pentru că pdf. nu poate fi copiat. Cine doreşte să citească revista, are link-ul de mai jos.


        marți, 5 aprilie 2016

        LIRENVAL 2016 – Concours de haïkus sur le thème du Jardin Haïkus primés

        Catégorie adulte 

        Autres haïkus primés 

        Jardin public -
        Un bébé qui dort
        sous les feuilles mortes

        bataille des frontières...
        les racines de nos jardins
        s'embrassent par-dessous

        Les Haïkus primés - Catégorie Enfant (collège ou individuel) 
        1er prix
        Verdure - je respire
        Dans les vagues des feuilles - mystère
        Et l'air me caresse
        Andrei  Octavian  - Targoviste - Roumanie
        3ème prix
        La nuit m'inonde
        L'ombre sur les eaux des parfums
        Quelle splendeur, le jardin!
        Andrei  Octavian  - Targoviste - Roumanie

        luni, 4 aprilie 2016

        Ribbons, a journal of the Tanka Society of America. Winter issue(back cover)

        when the sun sinks low
        refugees' shadows conglobulate
        over the wired border...
        a tender lullaby
        softens the wind

        "Over a million refugees have entered Europe, or died trying, in the last few years but, as has been said before, it is difficult to understand and feel what a million individuals are experiencing. A picture is worth a thousand words, and the picture I saw of a refugee dead on the beach let me feel more directly what is happening in Europe than the knowledge that there are a million refugees.

        The best tanka, with the compressed intensity and specific imagery that the form encourages, can paint a twenty-plus word picture that rivals what a visual artist can evoke. Lavana Kray's tanka let me see the refugees, both their struggle and uncertainty in the first three lines and, with the shift in the last two lines, their hope. Whether deliberate or not, by pointing to the “refugees shadows” and by hearing “a tender lullaby” but not showing us the refugees themselves, the tanka mirrors the the refugees situation: they are still at the “wired border” and have not reached a place where they can show themselves.

        Lavana Kray is Romanian but wrote this powerful poem in English. I had to look up “conglobulate” in the Oxford English Dictionary. Though rarely used today, it means “to collect into a rounded or compact mass” and gave me a sense of what it must be like for the refugees to huddle together at sundown.

        When I asked her about the poem, she wrote, “During the past few years, the news keeps showing images of the millions of refugees. I have watched children pushed under or thrown over some fence, and carried from one place to another, in the hope that things will be better beyond that fence and they will find a new home. My forefathers were refugees, too, so I am doubly sensitized to these people. Mixing this reality with my imagination, I poured all my thoughts and feelings into this tanka.

        Anytime I need an English word, I look for it in a dictionary. Reading the definitions, I find other words, and I often fall in love with words for their musicality. Some words cling to me, and I have to use them. “Conglobulate” is one of those words. It rolled around in my mind until I found a place for it in this poem."

                                   David Rice

        sâmbătă, 2 aprilie 2016

        Descoperite azi, chiar daca au fost publicate mai de mult


        NeverEnding Story - First English-Chinese Bilingual Haiku and Tanka Blog

        English Original

        wet glasses --
        I dry the moon
        with my shirt

        Ardea, 5, 2015

        Lavana kray

        Chinese Translation (Traditional)

        眼鏡起霧 --

        Chinese Translation (Simplified)

        眼镜起雾 --

        " The fresh image of "drying the moon" with one's shirt lifts the poem out of the ordinary."
                                                                                      Chen-ou Liu

        cloudy her evening eyes after washing off her makeup
            - Ana Drobot

        The Shiki Monthly Kukai March 2016 Results

        Kigo Theme: DEW

        morning dew -
        fading away the summer
        on her kimono

        Ana Drobot
        (Bucharest, Romania)
        (1,1,1) = 6 pts

        in every dew drop -

        Lavana kray
        (0,1,1) = 3 pts
        **Totally unexpected!

        on a dew-drop
        seeing the blue sky –
        the sun rises

        Miorita Alba
        (0,1,0) = 2 pts

        Free Format Theme: DRIFTWOOD

        driftwood –
        scent of a memory
        from a distant forest

        Andrei C. Szava
        (2,3,7) = 19 pts
        **Absolutely love this!


        hot night -
        using driftwood
        as a doorstop

        Miorita Alba
        (1,0,5) = 8 pts

        driftwood -
        a rusty fish hook pricks
        my barefoot

        Lavana kray
        (1,0,0) = 3 pts

        giving her comfort
        the therapist's kind words...

        Ana Drobot
        (Bucharest, Romania)
        (0,0,2) = 2 pts