luni, 7 martie 2016

The 2016 Golden Haiku Contest - results

Golden Haiku

Runners Up

Flying petals —
the black cat’s eyes
blink drowsily
— Virginia Popescu

Old walls —
a blooming lilac
paints the sky
— Virginia Popescu

pruning the trees
of public garden —
crow eggs on asphalt
— Lavana kray

little girl
pushing a baby stroller —
plum petals over doll
— Lavana kray

flea street vendor —
the straw hat turning
into a bird nest
— Lavana kray

old cherry tree
ready to be cut down
blossoming overnight
— Lavana kray

sweeping forbidden!
the girl hangs a banner
in the cherry blooms
— Lavana kray

small spring garden —
some love letters
in the mud
— Maria Tirenescu

morning glory  —
I wish I knew more
about her dreams
— cezar-florin ciobîcă

the child blows
away dandelions’ fluff…
end of spring
— Ana Drobot

by moonlight
the leafing reed plot
hither and thither
— Vasile Moldovan



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