joi, 7 decembrie 2017

the 22nd edition of the Indian Kukai

Results of The Indian Kukai # 22

5th place

paper lanterns
along the holy river
the ancestors' souls

Vasile Moldovan
Bucharest, Romania

6th place

down the river
scattering among stars
my mom’s ashes

Cristina Apetrei

7th place

childhood -
following the sun
beyond the river

 Mihail Buraga,
Bucharest, Romania


Only a fulcrum
on the life river:
the life itself]

 Adina Enachescu,

along the river -
through quiet tents and horses
travelling sun

Miruna Covor,
Bucharest, Romania

the Salmon River
carrying to the ocean
the Milky Way

Florin Florian

what lies ahead
after retirement

Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania

1 POINT(x9)

danubian wolf -
war flag of european

Gheorghe Postelnicu
Bucharest, Romania

two gulls are chatting
on a top os mast

Emil Marin
Bucharest, Romania

Along the river
fishers and water ouzel
in rivality

 Constantin Stroe
Bucharest, Romania


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