vineri, 9 iunie 2017

The 20th edition of the Indian Kukai

75 participants took part in 20th Indian Kukai, and they came
from  24 different countries. 
The theme of this edition was BLUE.


blue sky - some things are never on the map

-Ana Drobot
Bucharest, Romania
(6,4,3)=23 points


blue lake - an empty boat links two moons

-Cristina Apetrei
Botosani,Romania(2,4,2)= 16 points


exhausted mother -
all the blue baby clothes of no use

-Miruna Covor
Bucharest, Romania
(0,2,1)= 7 points


almost sunset bluebird singing on a land mine

-Cezar Florescu
 Botosani Romania
(2,0,1)= 5 points


gloomy sky though in a distance a blue dove

-Vasile Moldovan, Romania
(1,0,1)= 4 points

walking on the clouds - my child explores the sky of each rain puddle

-Dan Iulian, 
(1,0,1)=4 points


Blue Whale Game -
challenger of North korean apocalypse
-Nicu Stopel,
Bucharest, Romania
(0,1,0)=2 points


Pitiless time- the statues on the golden sands listen to the sea

-Adina Enachescu


(0,1,0)=2 points
deep blue - between sky & sea summer trip

-Mihail Buraga,
(1,0,0)=1 point

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