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La această ediție, s-au primit 1014 poeme 
de la 137 de autori  din  27 de țări

Haijinii  români au obținut următoarele premii:
A.Secțiunea haiku

Eduard Țară/
Second prize

abandoned chirp-
the chirp of the cricket
Maria Tirenescu
Third prize

toddler's cry – 
a praying mantis 
on the wooden floor 


Capotă Daniela -Lăcrămioara/
Third prize

old hippodrome – 
in the autumn race from time to time 

just a dragonfly


Mihai Mateciuc/
Honourable mention

clear evening - 
behind the icon 
chatter of crickets


B. Secțiunea Secveță haiku

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă/
Second prize

chilly night - 
the last cricket chirping 
in the charity box 
Army Day - 
on the former airfield 
marching locusts 
near dusk - 
among syringes and pills 
unraveling slowly 
the remains of the day... 
a red butterfly 
holding my breath... 
a dragonfly settles on 
my shadow's heart 

Oprica Pădeanu/
Third prize 

Dragonflies upon the wing 
 -haiku sequence- 

At daybreak
a dragonfly trying
to fly for first time

Mural painting:
on the ruins of a fortress
a young dragonfly

On a streak of light
a dragonfly's buzz crosses
the blue Danube

Silence, please!
A dragonfly is resting
on a blade of grass

 Solar eclipse –
a flock of dragonflies
upon the wing

C.Secțiunea senryu

Lavana Kray/
Third Prize

a grasshopper in the room - 
the cat stops purring 

D.Secțiunea tanka

Magdalena Dale/
Third prize

A late cricket 
with his weak chirping 
at my window… 
the siren of ambulance 
cuts the autumn a

Eduard Țară/
Third prize

Only a cricket 
still chirping from the debris 
over and over – 
sometimes it’s so difficult 
to hear the voice of my hear

Vasile Moldovan/
Third prize

In the whole house 
after the master’s departure 
no fly, no cobweb... 
but crickets' song 
fills up all the corners

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