marți, 29 aprilie 2014

Caribbean Kigo Kukai, april 2014

CKK #50 Results

5 români printre participanți:


Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă
Votes: 521*** Points: 12

gunshots ...
a kite flying over
the Berlin wall

Comments: I love the contrast in this Haiku- of war and peace, innocence against hatred and parochialism


Eduard Țară,
Votes: 4*2*** Points: 10

wheelchair –
a child embracing gently
his old kite


Dan Iulian
Votes: 31**** Points: 05

equally playful-
the kite and the wind


Magdalena Dale
Votes: 4***** Points: 04

up in the sky
a kite rises higher...
fallen leaves

Comments: An element of mystery in it that just escapesone, like a soaring kite

Daniela Lacramioara Capotă
Votes: *1**** Points: 02

never too high
the paper kite -
dreaming out of wheelchair

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