luni, 11 august 2014

6th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

Division 2:
Junior High School Students

Grand Prize

Andreea Cîrligeanu

after the rain –
in each puddle
my mother’s face

Selected submissions:

Sabin Pocriș

gloomy day –
children drawing only

Nadin Ghileschi
after the cold rain –
white butterflies on
red roses

Mihaela Budeanu

cold night –
I am bringing the dolls
at the fireside

Beatrice Cojocariu

spring cleaning –
the rain washing
the dusty statues

Ioana Bursuc

low tide –
sea stars gathering
into Big Dipper

Alexandru Aramă

driving home-
on a milestone
mating snails


Division 4: Non-Japanese

Selected submissions:

Vasile Moldovan

Autumn ploughing –
on my grandma’s face
wrinkle beside wrinkle

In a flowery pot
wild flowers waiting for in vain…
no butterfly

Steliana Cristina Voicu

saying goodbye –
on a frail cherry blossom
gentle light of the moon

inside the blossoms
of the plum treetop – God’s hand
stops the time

Iulian Ciupitu

frozen landscape –
a crow in flight draws
the last touch

fireworks –
my son tightens in fist
a firefly

Miclaus Silvestru

transmitters rtv –
anxiety gulls
alarm signal

modern architect –
my curiosity
on a snail behind

Constantin Stroe

Winter is coming
but the scarecrow still wears
skirt with short sleeves

Under the same umbrella
both the stray dog and
an homeless

Lavana Kray

storm on the beach –
the sand makes ringing
my earrings

cherry blossoms
swirled by the storm –
I open my windows

Frățilă Genovel-Florentin

Village Museum –
the beams of the water mill
milling by the time

twilight –
all the dandelions
lit on the field

Maria Tirenescu

Vineyard in bloom –
the toddler looking about
for a beetle

Cloudless sky –
a rhinoceros beetle
on the sill

Eduard Tara

autumn sunset –
the black stilts
surround the light

night shelter –
how cold is the other side
of the pillow

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

thousands of horseshoe crabs
mating on history

even the crickets
dumbfounded into silence…
rumors of war

Petruta Ionescu

On the cliff –
a bench waiting
to pass them the shyness

Hand in hand –
Roads opening up
In the enticing scent of the evenings

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  1. Sincere congratulations to the organizers and authors! Best regards from Visegrad - Bosnia and Herzegovina
    Božidar Škobić - Čika Boško