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   JANUARY - 2018

   Haiku Master of the Week 1


first dream of the New Year
all the things

I gave up fighting for


#1Kazuko Nishimura

In Japan, the first dream you see in the new year is said to represent your fortune for the rest of that year. If it’s a good dream, the following year will be full of happiness. In the same way, a bad dream hints of a year that may not be what you hope. The melancholic haiku tells the story of someone who spent their younger years chasing various goals and dreams, but as time goes by, that person comes to the realization that sometimes we have to give up on certain things to proceed forward. By pairing the haiku with a photo that is reminiscent of the joy of Christmas, it tells the audience that those things we have to give up may include things we truly enjoy. Starting the opening line with “first dream” does a great job of exciting the reader’s imagination, as the audience tries to figure out what kind of dream the narrator may have seen.

#2Kit Pancoast Nagamura

On its own, this haiku could seem to address a grim topic: a dream about things once worth struggling for, but now surrendered to disillusionment. However, the photo is anything but dark: a robin’s egg blue table is strewn with gold baubles, stars, tea light candles, and a Christmas tree. This lifts the mood, suggesting that the New Year’s dream inspires in the narrator a fresh resolve to recover what was lost. The steely verb “fight” indicates that whatever was lost was something vital. Perhaps the New Year’s dream is to recover some kind of faith, in religion, or in the magic of shooting stars, or in oneself.


break of dawn -
the news about my
getting fired

Ana Drobot / Romania

the remains of the day
white butterfly

cezar florescu / Romania


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