sâmbătă, 21 martie 2015


First place

embracing the boundless -
an empty boat
closer to the moon
Steliana Cristina Voicu (Ploiesti, Romania)

Judge comment:
There is a nice resonance filling the scope of this haiku, it starts with ‘boundless’ in Line 1 and continues to the unnamed waters be it sea, or lake or ocean, where the reflection of a boat sits on the water.
A truly wabi sabi image, constructed in a freestyle structure of three lines syllables 6/4/5.

Second place

long after the song
of the first bird is over –
swaying cherry twig
Eduard Tara (Iasi, Romania)

Judge comment:
After reading this haiku we  are caught, enwrapped, continuing to savour its essence in by the Line 3 ending of the swaying branch. How skillful of the writer, the ephemeral existence of the cherry petals which are taken on the wind, seem a little more easy to bear, as an observer,  it will be difficult gone in a such a short time, but as a haiku reader, the nuance remains as we read and sway with that branch.
His structure is go shichi go, 5/7/5; a lovely neo-classical piece presented in three lines.

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