duminică, 2 aprilie 2017

Atlas Poetica 27, Cherita poems

Lavana Kray ne-a trimis:

Cherita combine the demands of flash fiction to tell a story with the tanka demand for lyricism. The cherita (chair-ee-tah) was  invented by ai li.

A cherita consists of a one-line stanza, followed by a two-line stanza, and then finishing with a three-line stanza. It can either be written solo or by up to three partners.


migration - 

the scud of birds
before the wind

amid a swirl of leaves
I do my plans to leave home
as I did every year

broken hourglass -

the humming table fan
spreads units of time

and I pretend
I meet you right now
falling in love again

soft light -

a butterfly shaking off
old spider webs

in the painting class
where the students focus
on a nude




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