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Mainichi Haiku in English: Best of 2016

Vasile Moldovan

night of New Year
churches, mosques, temples, synagogues
under the same fireworks/ Jan. 2, 2016

Comment: Haiku knows the best way to achieve world peace.

At the nightfall
the hunter's knapsack
stuffed with tales/ March 15, 2016

the old hour glass ...
sand shadow running
on the white wall/ April 12, 2016

Comment: An excellent "shibui" (subdued) composition of color

up and down
here and there
a wandering dragonfly /Oct. 3, 2016

Comment: My version of the final line: "adragonfly." "Wandering" is redundant.

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă

and so on.../ Jan. 19, 2016

Comment: A thin-fogged two-liner with a jab: "and so on."

before carnival
trying on a lot
of chemo wigs / April 22, 2016

Comment: Japanese wigs are superb, they say. Why not try some?

Summer's end
even the moon
has freckles/ Oct. 13, 2016

Comment: Good humor.

Ana Drobot

new moon—
I try to draw the smile
of the Cheshire cat  /Jan. 20, 2016

season change...
instead of sea shells
empty Coca Cola bottles/ April 15, 2016

I once had
Everything / Aug. 31, 2016

Comment: I sympathize with the author for some reason. Butterfly" is a very good choice of word. The small letter of the first word is the result 

Oana Boazu

the railroad tracks
heading the same direction—
overnight snow / March 12, 2016

deeper night—
the crow can't be spotted
anymore/ Sept. 23, 2016

4 am—
autumn rain more profound
than my sleep /Nov. 2, 2016

no coffee—
the world falters
with every step /Dec. 21, 2016

Comment: This is a bit overstated. However, in the second and third lines, we feel some "newness."

Lavana Kray

more light in my life...
a moth enlarging
the curtain hole /  May 7, 2016

arms around the tree—
I'm listening
to upcoming book / Sept. 3, 2016

General comment: These evoke a strange feeling.

Steliana Cristina Voicu 

Earth's sky—
Kerala tea plantation
in sunlight  /May 20, 2016

quinces lights
Grandpa's old room / Sept. 20, 2016

Comment: Nostalgic "quinces lights" outside late Grandpa's room

Capotă Daniela Lăcrămioara

my mirror getting acquainted
another wrinkle / June 22, 2016

Juliet's balcony—
only honeysuckle
climbs / July 11, 2016

Cinema verite—
a gust of wind
in her white dress /  Aug. 22, 2016

Comment: The author knows how to use colors efficiently like in black and white films.

here and there on the tiles—
old piano cabaret  / Sept. 1, 2016

Comment: "Discolored" and "old" are closely related. My way: discolored tiles / here and there / piano bar.

Dan Iulian

Firefighters' Day—
in the hand of the child
a four-leaf clover / Aug. 29, 2016

Comment: Recently I haven't picked up a happy clover. Tomorrow I'll walk to a nearby ground.

fat pumpkin—
I'm reconciling myself
to my roundness / Oct. 27, 2016

Comment: Dan, don't you think you'll be a slender man?

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