luni, 5 martie 2018

First edition of Santoka International Haiku & Haiga Contest


1st place
Eduard Tara, Romania

young leaves –
enough place
for everyone

mlado lišće –
dovoljno mesta
za sve

mlădițe noi -
loc suficient
pentru fiecare

 The First Santoka International Haiku Contest had a total of 158 haiku submissions from 32 countries on 5 continents, which greatly exceeded our expectations in view of the pioneer mission of the festival.


We received 42 works from 20 countries for the haiga contest within the Santoka Festival. We singled out 6 haiga for their exceptional strength and poetics, and awarded them on this occasion.

                                                               Highly Commended

                                                        Cezar Florescu, Romania

                                     (fotografie-Paul Alexandru)

hide and seek
the wind carrying
a promise

igra žmurke
vetar nosi

de-a ascunsa 
vântul cărând
o promisiune

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