marți, 20 martie 2018

HAIKU MASTERS - march 2018

    WEEK #3

first songbird - 
the universe's centre
here and there

Eduard Țară / Romania


As it gets warmer, the birds’ first song alerts us that spring has begun. The author’s connection to nature is apparent, as this piece shows how the natural world changes the seasons, not by the hands of humans. Also, the way the author describes the beginning of spring as the center of the universe adds a nice touch of humor to the work. Ending the first line with a kireji, or stop mark, creates a sense of space to the overall work, allowing the audience to imagine the sounds of birds singing and wind blowing. Not only through sound, but also through touch with the blowing wind and smell through the scent of flowers, leading to a piece that appeals to all of our senses. 
(Kazuko Nishimura)

If, as Einstein suggested, the center of the universe is the present moment in each of us—what we perceive, care about, or focus on—then for this narrator, the center of the universe could well be a bird’s song, as it flits here and there on spring branches. For the songbird, the universe is surely found in the opening of each sweet blossom, here and there. The poet has brought our attention to the photo’s bokeh—the flowers out of focus, like a milkyway of soft stars, in the background— and to our own shifting perceptions as the seasons change.      (Kit Pancoast Nagamura)

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