marți, 10 mai 2011

Din revista Skatchbook martie aprilie 2011

spring’s end—

a firefly scans

my line of life

my old man

stares at an empty cocoon—

spring’s end

falling petals

clear up the Milky Way—

spring’s end—

morning tai chi—

my pet dog barking

at a snail


on the sugar cubes—

I’m not alone

resurrection bells—

a lady bird rises

from insectarium

last quarter moon—

my wife caresses

her round belly


scent wrapping

bird's song


in the casket's polish

passing cranes

year of the rabbit—

out of the illusionist's hat

no pigeon

Cezar-Florin Ciobîcă, RO

7th Place

lilac petals

in my hand—

spring's end

în mîna mea

petale de liliac -

sfîrşitul primăverii

# 05. Alex Serban, RO

10th Place

Shiny spring's end.

On the last dandelion

bees are brought together.

sfîrşit strălucitor de primăvară -

pe ultima păpădie

adunate albinele

# 16. Marinela Serban, RO

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