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Concursul SHIKI SPECIAL KUKAI 2009 dedicat memoriei lui William J. Higginson a fost lansat de echipa Shiki Special Kukai formată din două grupe şi anume cea care organizeaza concursul lunar Kukai Shiki şi Shiki şi sponsorizat ca eveniment de către Masaoka Shiki International Haiku Award Projects şi Fundaţia Culturală Ehime.
Numărul participanţilor a depăşit aşteptările organizatorilor-292 autori din 27 de ţări şi 792 de poeme trimise. Câştigător este poemul unei autoare din Polonia, dar şi cei 12 români participanţi, chiar dacă nu au obţinut un loc de frunte, au trimis poeme frumoase, cu care ne mândrim.

the White Empire-
chrysanthemum garden
under the snowfall

At the last flat
of a grey skyscraper
red geranium

Girl in the gloaming-  
little by little her white paper cranes
become grey

Vasile Moldovan

he has blue blood too...
that red blooded butterfly
crazy on the flight

the blue of the sky...
and a white butterfly
crazy on the flight


red geraniums
within the cells' white-
vesper bell

Serban DENK
a red butterfly
on a yellow water lily -
what a summer day!

autumn sunset -
pink, red, violet clouds
staining the blue sky

night with frozen stars -
golden full moon shining
on the vault of heaven

Virginia Popescu

Shades of winter
cacti at my window
with red flowers

Blue skyline --
a red ball falls in the sea
the moon rises

In no time
the white flower loses
all the petals

Magdalena Dale

Among the beard's hair
Not a single black shadow -
The winter has come

Heaven in the puddle
A blue flower nearby -
What competition

Although faded
It still lights up our nights
The lonely white rose

Ioan Marinescu-Puiu

A skylark –
how deep can be
the blue

Winter moonlight –
her long hair turns silver
for the first time

Strawberries –
the blind child is tasting
the red color

Eduard TARA

the horizon –
meets the sky’s blue
and the sea’s blue

it’s snowing hardly –
the wild beast foot-marks
at the white surface

a breeze –
the red petals
under the shaken poppy

Maria Tirenescu

the broken crystals
white, soft glitters in the night -
my frozen tears

white cherry-flower
is falling down in child's hand -
unexpected gift.

that late night moonlight
gleams upon a blacksmith's forge
and cools red embers

Posnaies Oana Aurora

child's nose
pressed against the window --
thundering white

Corneliu Traian Atanasiu

well into winter
the eye starts to discover
different shades of white…

part-time job's waiting:
warming up the boarding house
Santa's red outfit...

sea of white troubled
by all rainbow's colours:
New Year's fireworks.
Cristian Mocanu

Noon on Lake Kawaguchi -
A path with stars of white light
shows the way to Mount Fuji.

A temple bell rings -
flurry of pink cherry petals
fade away, too.
Daniela Bullas

spots of blood
on the grass still green-
red leaves

Grandma's house-
even the red geranium has aged
beyond recognition

(Don Basilio) aka Constantin Stroe

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