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4th International Kukai

4th International Kukai -
"forget-me-not" July 2012"

124 Haiku
54 Haijin
21 Countries

Loc. IV
Maria Tirenescu (1, 1, 3= 8p)

Moonrise -
the thousands of forget-me-not
and I alone

Loc. V
Cezar F. Ciobîcă (1, 0, 4= 7p)

her old diary -
between two blank pages
a dry Forget-Me-Not

Loc. VI

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu (0, 1, 4= 6p)

last moments home -
the widow breaks the bowl
with forget-me-nots

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu (1, 1, 1= 6p)

blue mascara -
through my tears

Dan Iulian (0, 1, 3 =5p)

on a sunny day
the sky into your eyes
deeper and deeper

Anișoara Iordache (1, 0 ,1 =4p)

perfume of forget-me-nots
and a hug

Loc. IX
Dan Iulian (0, 1 ,1= 3p)

memories -
a row of forget-me-nots
a row of opium poppies

Loc. X

Gheorghe Postelnicu Stops (0, 1, 0 =2p)

small and unpretending
more syllables

Ailoaei Cristina, Romania(0, 0 ,2 =2p)

moonbeams -
near by my mother's picture

Cezar F. Ciobîca (0, 1, 0 =2p)

between sky
and the Forget-Me-Not field
the ancestors dreams

Loc. XI-1 punct

Gheorghe Postelnicu Stops

on the Ma's grave
innovative SMS -
blossomed forget-me-nots

Dan Iulian

the silver wedding—
forget–me-not flowers
on the mother's grave

land, the wild growth of
forget me nots

Anișoara Iordache

Forget-me-nots at the hat?
through the steam of tea
a sun of July ...

Gheorghe Postelnicu Stops

blue forget-me-nots
on the E-visiting card
of my girlfriend

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

fading too quickly—
dance until dawn

Loc. XII - 0  puncte

Maria Tirenescu

A haiku and
a thread of forget-me-not -
the gift for you

Anisoara Iordache

echo: forget-me-nots...-
hot afternoon
single at the gate

Cezar F. Ciobîcă

Forget-Me-Not field -
reminding me again of
my first love's eyes

Magdalena Dale

grandmother's diary…
a dried forget me not
between leaves


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