vineri, 27 iulie 2012

The Shiki Monthly Kukai

July 2012 Results

A.Kigo Theme: TALK

Cezar F. Ciobika
(1,0,1) = 4 pts

hoot of owls...
the people in asylum
stop talking in sleep

Ailoaei Cristina
(0,0,3) = 3 pts

clear days —
my parents talking
to each other again
(0,1,0) = 2 pts

stormy day today —
not enough memory
all my friends on chat

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu
1 Point

Chinese whispers —
the first word on the line
already forgotten

no points 
Petru-Ioan Garda

full moon —
how many fools can say
two lovers!


Little girl and doll
talking about love —
the grandma’s smile

B.Free Format Theme: BLUE

Ailoaei Cristina
(0,5,4) = 14 pts

blue lake —
troubling the sky
with pebbles

Cezar F. Ciobika
(0,2,3) = 7 pts

chicory in bloom
still seeing her eyes

Petru-Ioan Garda
(0,1,0) = 2 pts

blue sky —

her eyes like two
deep holes


(0,0,2) = 2 pts

Two blue eyes
at the frosted window-panes —
the sun in clouds

cristina-monica moldoveanu
(0,0,2) = 2 pts
blue Pleiades
shining in a deer's eyes —
night hunt

1 point

hearing you 5
while blue

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