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8th Yamadera Basho Memorial Museum English Haiku Contest

Division  4 Non‐Japanese

Selected Haiku Submissions Collection

Adina Enachescu (Romania)

Under the stars rain     
the bloomed tulips  

through the downy snow…  
white symphony

Steliana Cristina Voicu (Romania)

rose‐acacia in bloom…      
doctor fingers painting her  
another breast      

Parascheva’s Day –     
prayer after prayer
burdening the altar

Vasile Moldovan (Romania)

clothes hanging to dry –  
the evening breeze undresses  
the moon’s kimono  

a fishing party –  
among so many sharp hooks  
only the moon blunt sickle

Iliescu Constantin (Romania)

old coffee grinder –  
the movie of my life  
done manually crank

Liliana Negoi (Romania)

a graveyard angel –  
tying its feet to the tomb  
molten candle wax

an evening cold wind –  
the phone reduced to silence  
by some unpaid bills

Lavana Kray (Romania)

bones pain –  
the cold embroiders flowers  
on my window  

a leaf on my palm –  
by the shortness of the midrib  
we are twins

Iulian Ciupitu (Romania)

abyssal blue –
from nowhere the first

fireman’s house –
in the window the geraniums
relight the sunset

Capotă  Daniela Lăcrămioara (Romania)

after rain –  
on the rice field  
hazy moon

Ecaterina Neagoe (Romania)

the shadow of dragonflies  
over white water lilies  

The sunflower,  
measuring in silence  
the shadow of the time

Miruna Covor (Romania)

zen meditation –  
a bee around the flowers  
buzzing so loud  

in one blink –  
butterfly no longer     
on my nose

Maria Tirenescu (Romania)

June storm –  
an old woman takes her goat  
in the house  

end of May –
in the neighbor’s cherry tree
a flock of crows

Cezar‐Florin Ciobîcă  (Romania)

the song of crickets  
between gasps of memory  
Hiroshima Day  

the end of chemo  
a window opens towards  
the autumn twilight

Division 3: High School Students

Grand Prize

Alisia Rusu    Botosani, Romania  
(“A. T. Laurian” Lyceum, Grade 12)/
(Liceul“A. T. Laurian” - clasa a XII-a)

silent birds            
flying over the border       
rumors of war   

păsări tăcute
zburînd peste graniță
zvonuri de război     

Division 2: Junior High School Students

Distinguished Work Prize

Ioana Brînzei   Botosani, Romania  
(“ElenaRareș” School, Grade 6)
(Școala “Elena Rareș”, clasa a VI-a)
dewy grass             
a chicken sipping      
its reflection

un puișor își bea


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