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Sketchbook - Haiku Thread

La concursul din May/June 30, 2012
"wedding / bride" Haiku Thread ,
al revistei Sketchbook, editorii au selectat
ca realizări deosebite ale ediției
și două poeme ale unor haijini români
(cu comentariile de rigoare):

Dan Iulian

wedding gifts -
in the bride’s bouquet
some lily of the valley

daruri de nuntă -
în buchetul miresei
câteva lăcrămioare

“The lily of the valley is a precious gift to be held dear. It conveys the sense of sweetness and a promise of happiness. For Christians lily of the valley are interpreted as the “tears of the Virgin Mary” and elicit the virtue of humility, which I equivocate with the virtue of truth, a very important element for a successful marriage. I don’t know how true this is: the lily of the valley has a reputation for attracting silver, but, perhaps, more importantly it is a symbol of spring and new life”

Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu

bridal veil
floating in the wind -
acacia blossom

voalul miresei
plutind in vânt -
floare de salcâm

“With this haiku of Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu, the symbolismof the tree adds more meaning to this scene and the haiku can beread in two ways. The acacia thrives in harsh conditions and has endured for thousands of years despite drought. It also provides shelter for many animals. It is a symbol of endurance and protection”


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